Surprising Benefits of Avocado Seed: Scientific Evidences and Hidden Potential

Benefits of Avocado Seed

Most of us are aware of the nutrient-packed profile and health benefits of avocadoes. However, avocado seeds also hold a plethora of health-promoting properties with a significant content of nutrients. So, before throwing avocado seed, you may be interested to know about its uses. This article will explore the potential benefits of avocado seed based on scientific evidence.

Nutritional Properties of Avocado Seed

Seeds of avocadoes are comprised of 13-17% of whole fruit. It is composed of various functional and bioactive compounds, especially polyphenols, lipids, vitamins, and minerals [1].

Although the data on the exact nutritional composition of the avocado seed is limited, researchers have shown that the major portion is composed of carbohydrates (64.9%), with starch as a major carbohydrate. Other portions of this seed also include lipids (1.1-1.6%) and proteins (vary from 15-23%) [2].

Nutritionally, 100 grams of avocado seed is composed of about:

Sodium: 0.82 mg
Phosphorus: 4.16 mg
Calcium: 0.09 mg
Vitamin A: 10 mg
Vitamin B1: 0.33 mg
Vitamin B2: 0.29 mg
Vitamin E: 0.12 mg
Vitamin C: 0.06 mg [2].

Moreover, various antioxidant compounds, flavonoids, phenolics, and tannins are also present in avocado seeds.

Health Benefits of Avocado Seed

The nutritional properties of seeds present various health and wellness benefits which are useful in normal body functioning and preventing diseases. Some of the benefits are presented below:

May Reduce High Cholesterol

Avocado seeds are rich sources of fats and lipids that can help to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels. It also increases the content of good cholesterol, resulting in balancing cholesterol in the body [3].

Amazing benefits of avocado seed

Antitumor Activity (anti-cancer)

The seeds of avocado are known as a great source of antioxidants, including polyphenols. These antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals, preventing oxidative damage to cells. Thus, antioxidant activity in the human body can help in preventing cancer by interfering growth and multiplication of cancer cells [4].

Scientific evidence also showed that catechin and biscatechin, compounds found in avocado seeds, offer various health benefits such as anti-microbial, anti-cancer, neuroprotection, and antioxidation [ 4 , 5 ].

Reduce blood pressure

Avocado seed extract can also help in relaxing your blood vessels. This can ultimately help in reducing blood pressure, which is an important cause of heart disorders [3].

Benefits of Avocado Seed anticancer blood pressure

Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Different Diseases

The excellent content of polyphenols, like catechin and procyanidins, in avocado seed plays a role in anti-inflammatory activities. This helps in preventing chronic inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory properties of avocado seeds can be linked to the radical scavenging activities of polyphenols, which is necessary to regulate cell functioning and oxidative stress [1].

The anti-radical power of polyphenols can also prevent various diseases like cardiovascular insufficiency, asthma, hypertension, diabetes as well as Alzheimer’s [6].

antioxidant anti inflammation benefits of avocado seed

Good Source of Vitamins

Avocado seeds contain a significant number of various vitamins, including A, B complex, C, and vitamin E. These vitamins play a vital role in normal body functioning and help in the prevention of diseases.

Vitamin A, C, and E can help in improving vision, immunity, and health of blood vessels. Similarly, research evidence showed that vitamin B contributes to human health with nerve relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, and stimulation of cognitive functions [2].

May Improve Neuron or Nerve health (anti-neurodegenerative)

The extracts from avocado seeds can also be beneficial in protecting the neurons and improving nerve health. The presence of phenolic compounds (i.e., caffeic acid) in avocado seeds has been associated with inhibiting the breakdown of brain neurons. This means increased levels of neurotransmitters, ultimately resulting in enhanced communication between nerve cells.

Such activities in the human body assist in preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s [7].

Benefits of Avocado Seed as anti-microbial

This seed also exhibits anti-microbial properties. The presence of phenolic compounds (like catechin, epicatechin, and chlorogenic acid) in the avocado seed can effectively prevent microbial growth and oxidation. It is useful for stopping the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Evidence has also suggested that phenolics from seed can inhibit yeast, Candida albicans, which can even cause gut problems [8]. Avocado seed also contains fatty acid derivatives known as acetogenins, which act as powerful anti-microbial agents [9].

Additionally, extracts from avocado seeds have also shown anti-microbial effects when applied directly to the meat. Hence, it has the potential to increase the shelf life of food products.

Surprising Benefits of Avocado Seed antibacterial vitamins Protect neurons

Other Potential Benefits of Avocado Seed

Along with health benefits, avocado seeds can be used for various other purposes. It can be used for developing natural food coloring and dyes. For example, avocado seeds develop orange color when crushed and blended with water. It should be noted that natural colorants are known as a healthier option compared to synthetic or artificial ones.

The capacity of seed extracts as a strong anti-microbial, antifungal, and insecticidal option make it a better choice for food industries to use as a natural additive.

Nutritional components from avocado seeds can also be utilized for designing various functions of foods to enhance the growth and metabolism of the human body. The extract from this seed provides valuable nutrients, which means it can be a beneficial nutraceutical. So, businesses can also explore avocado seed powder for making supplemented diet [10].

The avocado seed’s starch content can be used as a thickener, emulsifier, and gelling agent in making various food products. Starch can also be used in textile industries (as dye) and paper and pulp industries as external and internal additives [11].

Similarly, skincare and cosmetic products can also be made using avocado seed extract. Research studies observed that flavonoids and secondary metabolites in the extract can inhibit the melanogenesis process and can result in a skin-lightening effect [2].

Moreover, lipids from avocado seeds can be beneficial in soap processing.

Interesting Fact: As a food source, Avocado fruit has a history of over 8000 years [11].

How To Easily Consume Avocado Seed?

Avocado seeds have a hard structure and can’t be directly consumed. So, to make it consumable. It can be crushed and made into a flour-like powder.

As the first step, you can dry the seed in an oven at a high temperature for about 2 hours. After dehydration, the seed can be crushed, followed by blending to make seed powder.

This avocado seed powder can be enjoyed by adding it to beverages, smoothies, sauces, and tea. You should also note that seeds taste bitter, so add some sweetness before enjoying your smoothies. You can try adding some fruits like mango, banana, pineapple, and berries for sweetness balance.

While making an avocado seed power smoothie, try to use unsweetened milk if you want to restrict your carbohydrate intake. There also exist a few fruit juices option for diabetes patients.

Precautions and Safety Considerations

Despite having various beneficial effects, there are a few points you should consider before consuming an avocado seed. Firstly, most studies related to avocado seeds lack human-based evidence. Research highlighted that avocado seed extracts or powders are safe if people consume them in limited amounts for a shorter period. According to one study, the maximum daily intake of avocado seed extract can be 1.4 mg per pound of body weight [12].

However, reports on the harmfulness or safety of seeds are still unconcluded. It is better to avoid direct utilization of avocado seeds if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have other health complications.

Final Wordings

Avocado seeds contain necessary nutrients which are responsible for positive health effects like body growth and development, anti-inflammation, antioxidants, anti-cancer, boosted immunity, and reduced blood pressure. The potential benefits of this seed have been reported in various scientific literature,

However, there is also a lack of human studies to prove the safety of avocado seeds, especially if consumed in higher amounts. Thus, if you are willing to eat it, always try to consume it in moderation and try to minimize the intake.

It’s always better to consult your doctor or nutritionist before consuming any seed. People with health complications must get advice from their doctor.